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Wedding FAQs

Review our frequently asked questions for hosting a wedding ceremony or reception at The Ridge Golf Course & Events Center.


How do I reserve my event date?

To officially book your event, we will need a fully signed contract, credit card on file, and a deposit. The deposit will vary depending on the Ballroom rental price

Are there any fees or tax on the room rental, food, or beverage?

Yes, all food and beverages are subject to 20% Service Charge and then sales tax. All venue rental pricing is subject to sales tax.

Is gratuity included?

No, we do not require gratuity. The Service charge is NOT gratuity. Part of it does go to staff on their paychecks as income. The rest is used for overhead costs of the venue.

Do you have a Planner and day-of Wedding Coordinator?

Yes, the Wedding coordinator will be with you every step of the way! She will help you create the agenda, detail the set up, choose the menu, make a diagram, and coordinate the rehearsal. She will also be there the day of to ensure the set up is correct, to cue your procession for the Ceremony, and then coordinate your announcement into the Reception.

Do you have more than one wedding a day?

No! We only do one wedding a day and will not book any other events if the wedding reception is in the Ballroom.

Do you have preset wedding times?

No, but due to the logistics of our Golf Course ceremonies need to be at 4pm or later. We allow 30 minutes for your Ceremony and then 5 hours for your Reception. Extra Reception time can be purchased by the hour.

Do we have to use your preferred vendors?

Our preferred vendors are the best in the area and have all worked with us in the past but, no, you do not have to use them. We allow all vendors with or without business licenses.

Do you have a Food and Beverage Minimum?

Yes, we do have Food and Beverage minimums (before service charge and tax) which vary depending on room rented, day of the week, and season. For example, if you rent the Ballroom on Fridays and Saturdays during peak season there is a minimum of $6000. Sunday-Thursdays in the Ballroom have a minimum of $3500. The Executive Board Room has a minimum of $150 Sunday-Thursday and $300 Friday and Saturday.

Do you have preset blocks of time for events?

No, we do not have set times for wedding ceremonies. The Ridge only books one wedding a day so you can set your own ceremony time. You will have up to 30 minutes for the ceremony and 5 hours for the reception. Additional time can be added the day of the wedding for an extra charge.

How late can my event go?

We do not have any restrictions as to ending times. Per our liquor license, we do have to stop serving alcohol at midnight.

Do I need “Event Insurance”?

We do require it on a case by case basis depending on type of event and number of guests.

Do you have payment plans? How do we make payments?

We do not have set payment plans, we only require the base price of the Ballroom rental up front to secure the date. You will pay the taxes on it with your other payments. The final payment for all food, bar packages, and rentals must be received no later than 14 business days prior to the wedding date. To make a payment, you would contact the Sales Manager. A receipt and updated invoice is provided after every payment via email.

When do you need my final headcount?

We need your final counts 7 business days before your event. The count may go up after that time, but not down. You will be responsible for paying the amount on the Invoice sent with your final numbers. If the guest count increases after the final count is given, we may invoice you for the extra guests after the event.

How many guests can fit in the Ballroom for the Reception?

If you do a plated dinner, we can fit up to 200 with 20 round tables of 10 guests at each. If you have a buffet dinner, we can accommodate up to 180 guests.

How many guests can fit in the Restaurant and Ballroom combined?

Plated dinner receptions can fit 300 guests and a Buffet reception could be for up to 280 guests.

Is there an additional Room Rental for the Restaurant?

Yes, the price varies on time of year. Please contact the Event Sales Manager for a quote.

Is there adequate parking for our guests?

Yes, we have a spacious paved parking lot as well as a gravel lot across the street that is used for overflow parking.

Do we get to have a tasting?

Yes, the Wedding Coordinator will schedule a tasting 2-3 months before the wedding date. You will be able to try all salads and choose 2 entrees to taste from one package for no extra charge. If you would like to try more than 2 entrees, there will be an additional cost.

What do I need to do before the tasting?

It is best to secure your other vendors (ie. Photographer, DJ, Florist, Officiants, ect.) as well as bridesmaids dresses, suits, and decorations. If you have any questions prior to the meeting, you may always contact your Wedding Coordinator.

Can we do a ceremony rehearsal?

Yes, the Wedding Coordinator will schedule a rehearsal with the wedding party typically the night before the wedding at the same time as the ceremony.

When can our vendors come the day of?

They can come any time after 9pm. They are also welcome to set up an appointment with the Wedding Coordinator if needed. We also recommend the Officiant, DJ and Photographers come to the ceremony rehearsal.

What happens if it rains or is too hot?

We can do an indoor table-side ceremony in the Ballroom. Your guests would be sitting at the round tables that they will be eating dinner at. The head table can be replaced with an arch if requested. The Ridge does not provide any tents, so the couple would be responsible for ordering, paying for, and arranging pick up of any tents or pop ups if they do not want an indoor ceremony.

If my guests arrive early can they go into the Ballroom?

No, the Ballroom is not available until after the Ceremony, but the Bar and Grill is open for them to get a refreshment before going to the Ceremony Site.

What is included in the Ceremony Packages?

Getting ready and spending time with your loved ones before the wedding is a valuable part of your day. So we’ve included two rooms for wedding party preparations into the Ceremony Packages along with the ceremony site. Ridge staff will set up your Ceremony Site with white resin chairs, a white wooden arbor, water station, electric hook ups for the DJ, and 4’ tall black metal easels for signage (please refer to the Romance Wedding Packet for more details). You will choose either the the Overlook or the Oak Tree site for your ceremony, but are available for picture opportunities.

Can we hang decorations from the ceremony arbor and Oak Tree?

Yes, but we do not allow anything to be nailed into either. If you tie or fasten anything to them we require it to be taken down by the guest responsible for the decor.

What is included in the Reception venue rental?

Whether you want to have your wedding inside or outdoors, The Ridge offers full set up and take down of all of our banquet equipment. The rental fee covers everything needed for your dinner including all tables, table skirts, chairs (covered or not depending on your chosen Reception package), linen (standard or floor length), heated buffet chafers, china, silverware, and glassware.

Does the Coordinator or Ridge Banquett Staff help with Decorating?

We kindly ask that you assign a member of your family or wedding party to ensure that all decor is set up. The Coordinator may be able to assist during the day, but will not be responsible for decor. The Ridge staff will light tea lights and/or LEDs in the Reception venue during the Ceremony so all guests can enjoy the vows, but will not be able to decorate.

What kind of decor does The Ridge not allow?

No confetti, glitter, rice, bird seed, or fake flower petals. These restrictions are due to the fact that Auburn is home to diverse wildlife so we are eco conscious for their benefit.

Do we need to bring our own wedding cake or dessert?

Yes, we do not include any dessert. However, our staff will cut and plate the cake and/or set up the dessert display if it needed. If the cake is different flavors, we will put the plates on a dessert table to make sure all guests get their preferred flavor! If it is all one flavor then we will serve it to the guests.

Is there any alcohol included in the Reception Packages?

Yes! All packages include table side poured red and white house wine with dinner as well as champagne poured for the toasts. The Elegant and Timeless Packages also include red and white house wine tray passed during the Cocktail Hour.

Can I bring my own beer, wine, or liquor?

Our liquor license does not permit any outside beer or liquor. We can special order some alcohol from our distributors depending on availability. Outside wine can be brought in and served for a corkage fee. Prices depend on size of the bottle.

Do we have to be cleaned up and out of the venue at the event conclusion time?

No, at the conclusion time we will turn on the lights all the way and have the DJ stop playing music. You and your wedding party will then have time to take any decorations you will like to keep. If you have any one time use decor, then we can throw them away for you.

Can we do a party popper, firework or sparkler send off at the end of the wedding?

Sparkler send off is the only type allowed. We will provide buckets of water to extinguish them after.

If I need to reschedule or cancel my wedding after the deposit is made, what is your refund policy?

If you reschedule we will transfer all payments made on your original date to your new date; there is no refund. If you cancel your wedding, we will need a written notice signed and given to the Sales Manager. If/when we rebook the date, then the deposit will be refunded via check in the mail. No other payments made toward the wedding will be refunded.