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Golf Outing Tips

Host the Perfect Golf Outing at The Ridge Golf Course & Events Center

Whether you’re unfamiliar with golf or a seasoned pro, we’ve got some hot tips on how to make your next outing an all-around success.

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A golf outing is the perfect, outdoor event for new and experienced golfers alike. Whether you are unfamiliar with the sport, or it’s been a while since you’ve hosted at the course, check out these trending tips on how to make it a fun and successful day for all.

  1. Set a Goal: It’s not uncommon for golf outings to serve as a fundraising event for a cause. What charity are you raising money for? What is your fundraising goal? Why are you or your organization passionate about this cause? Painting a picture for your golfers of a greater meaning behind the day will create excitement and urgency to sign up and donate more.
  2. Pick a Format: Alternate Shot, Scramble, Best Ball…There are plenty of options on how to format your outing. Not sure which one will fit your group? Our in-house professionals are here to help, we’ll suggest the best scenario for your group. Read more about the type of outing formats here.
  3. Crate a “Plan B” for Day Of: As proven by the spike in golfers last year, many opt to host their events outdoors these days. Fresh air often creates a more comfortable environment for people, and they generally feel safer. However, we know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. At The Ridge Golf Course & Events Center we have a spacious indoor event venue that can easily host up to 300 people for your outing after party. Our meticulous sanitation procedures and adherence to guidelines promises the safest gathering possible.
  4. Have Fun: At the end of the day, our main goal is to provide a fun and safe experience for everyone at The Ridge Golf Course, including you! While you may be the organizer, leave the details to us to make it a memorable day.

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