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Event Planning

Planning the Celebration of a Loved One’s Life

When a loved one passes away, celebrating their life with family and friends is a beautiful way to honor them.


Celebration of Life Ideas:

1. Ask guests to speak about their experiences with the deceased. Encouraging the sharing of some humor.

2. Share memories by asking guests to bring photos and mementos.

3. Make a memory book or box and ask everyone to contribute a photo or item.

4. Play a video or slide show of the deceased having fun at different times of his or her life.

5. As guests to jot down a memory of the person on a card and put it in a jar. Later, you can either read these memories aloud or put them together in an email that you send later.

6. Make a playlist of the deceased person's favorite music for everyone to enjoy (we can stream your playlist over our sound system).

7. Have a candle lighting service.

By its very definition, don't forget to celebrate! A celebration of life should be celebratory and joyful. Encourage all the attendees to be positive and remember all the good memories of the deceased.

The Ridge Golf Course & Events Center offers various menus. Menus can be customized from comfort food to a deli buffet to appetizers, and we do offer full menu options if you'd like to see those. You can also look at our banquet space.

Treasuring memories.
Celebrating Life.

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