Have a Fit

You may have the best looking, athletic golf swing ever highlighted on the Golf Channel but if your clubs don’t fit properly, you’re not going be able to strike the ball consistently enough to score well. Look, you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a new suit of clothes that don’t fit. Quality clubs don’t come cheap, but it doesn’t cost any more money to be fitted than to buy a generic set “off the rack.”

Conservatively, 75% of the students that come to me for lessons do not have properly fitted equipment. Golfers will spend big bucks on new clubs trying to find their game. They will look for deals on clubs guaranteed to improve their game only to realize that their handicaps are not coming down after the warranty period has expired.

Going through a dynamic club-fitting program with an experienced PGA professional that stands behind his product, is the only way to get a viable guarantee on clubs. There is an old adage that proclaims, “You can’t buy a game.” While that may be true, keep in mind that every individual’s kinetics are unique and a properly fit set of golf clubs will give the player the best opportunity to improve and develop to their full potential. Having a qualified professional observe real time ball flight and then make an assessment of the correct fitted golf club is the best way to maximize your investment in a set of golf clubs.

Buzzwords in the fitting process:

Lie angle – How squarely the sole of the club meets the turf at impact. Toe up or toe down is a problem that will cause the ball to go offline.

Shaft flex – Proper flex is the key that allows the club to do the work. There is a certain contact sound that I always listen for when I am fitting. I have always said the shaft is the tuning fork, which is tuned up by the speed of your swing.

Shaft length – Proper shaft length allows the golfer to strike the ball consistently in the sweet spot or the center of the clubface. It also allows you to have proper posture for better athletic swing.

Grip size – The grip is your connection to the club. The grip size that matches a player’s hand size allows the player to swing with proper grip pressure. With the grip, size does matter.

There are a lot of other buzzwords when it comes to clubs, straightest, longest, and most forgiving; there is a range bucket full of them. They all mean nothing if the clubs don’t fit properly. There are many benefits to investing in a club fitting. Mostly know that a good comprehensive club fitting will be the best golf lesson you’ll ever have. I guarantee that you’ll learn more about your golf swing and the practical nature of your equipment than you could imagine. Give us a call and get properly fitted today!